Racing Sponsorship

Sponsorships: why are they important?

A typical racing weekend for someone at my level of racing runs about $1,500.

That does not include maintenance when I am not at the track or practice days to improve my riding.  There is no denying that racing is an expensive sport.

Why do sponsors get involved?

There are many reasons and they are all mutually beneficial.

Brand awareness is one of the most easily understood reasons to sponsor a racer.  By sponsoring a racer your brand, your logo is being seen by thousands of people.  It is being seen during the races, on social media sites, potentially on television and other venues.  It is also being seen at practice days and even when driving down the highway to the race tracks.

In addition to your brand being seen, I like to talk about my sponsors.  I talk about them on the social media sites, on this blog, and at the track. I am always looking for an opportunity to let people know about my sponsors and why they should consider using their services.  I use the services from my sponsors and I am happy to tell people why I trust them.

In addition to brand awareness, you become part of the club.  Motorcycle racing is exciting.  You will be part of an exciting and growing sport.  People will know that you are invested in this sport and that will encourage them to become invested in you.  Spectators, racers and motorcycle enthusiasts like to support the brands that support this sport.  It is a symbiotic relationship that benefits everyone involved.

How to become involved

There are numerous sponsorship types and levels.  Contributions can cover a particular expense (entry fees or tire costs), they can also go into my general racing budget to cover the costs that naturally occur during a season.  Another common type is through goods or services.  If you have a product that is useful in the motorcycle community, please get in touch with me and we can discuss the opportunity.

If you have a service that can benefit the motorcycle community (painting, logo design, etc.) we can discuss ways to show your services to the community and help to drive business traffic to your door.

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