Thursday, July 20, 2017

MotoAmerica at Sonoma

The original plan for 2017 was to race all three Moto America rounds in the western United States.  After my injury at Round 6 of the AFM last year, that plan was canceled.

My progress has been better than I expected, so I am taking the opportunity to run the final western Moto America round at Sonoma Raceway.  This race round is on the weekend of August 11, 2017.

This round is going to be especially challenging as I will not only be running a 600 Superstock bike with Moto America, but I will also be racing in the Formula IV race with the American Federation of Motorcycles at the same event.

While this is a great opportunity for me, it is also an opportunity for a few companies in our development community.


I am reaching out to the community to share this event.  I am looking for a few sponsors for this race event to share the attention.

An event like this will bring quite a bit of attention to all of the riders for both Moto America and the AFM.  This attention carries over to the sponsors of those racers.

I am looking to share this attention.

How does it work

A sponsor is promoted by the rider. This starts with an update to the race bike (or bikes) to include the logo and branding for the sponsor.

Beyond that, the sponsor is mentioned and discussed at every opportunity with the media and is shown off in the pits as well as on the race track.  If the sponsor provides material, samples, etc. to hand out during the event, these are made available from the pits which attract thousands of spectators as they walk through looking at the racers and the bikes.

Unlike NASCAR and other car events, bike events are VERY spectator friendly.  It is common and expected for the spectators to walk right up to most of the race bikes and talk with the racers.  More time for one on one conversations and promoting of the racer's sponsors.

Sponsors are also mentioned while the racer is on course and if the racer makes it onto the podium.

If the racer is shown on TV (variable from one event to another without guarantees), then the sponsors are again mentioned and shown to everyone viewing the race live as well as people around the world who follow Moto America.

Name and brand recognition brings customers.

What it pays for

Sponsorship helps to cover the cost of an event.  A race event of this size can be thousands of dollars in costs.  Most of the costs are with tires, entry fees, parts and fuel; generally in that order.  For example, it is common to go through 4 sets of tires on an event like this; per bike.

That is the side where the racer benefits from the sponsor.  The sponsor, depending on their "level" of involvement, provides parts (if they are a race vendor) or capital to cover the costs of the race event.

What it costs

Because this is a single event rather than an entire race season, the costs for sponsorship are lower for the sponsor.  However, on the other side, this is a "triple header" weekend which means that it is more expensive than a normal club level or national level event.

I have the capacity to support two title sponsors and four second-tier sponsors.

A title sponsor gets more exposure and attention than a second tier sponsor.  More space on the bike, more space in the pits, more attention from the media and spectators.

A second tier sponsor gets more than a gear sponsor.

Having said that, what does it all cost?

It breaks down as follows:

Title Sponsor: $1,900.00
Second Tier Sponsor: $400.00

All sponsors will be provided with spectator passes to the event if they are in the area (just north of San Francisco).

Also, since I have three AFM rounds left in the 2017 season, the title sponsors will be carried through all four events that remain in 2017 (and possibly more if I can attend the remaining WERA regional events).

Getting involved

If you are interested or know of a team who is interested, please have them get in contact with me at

Who wants to go to the races? :)

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