Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Race Preparation: Laguna Seca

Lots of people have “bucket list” items. Things they want to do before they die. I am not any different, except perhaps for the things that are on my list and my willingness to go for it.

The current item I am working on:

  • Race at the professional level in the United States

A very lofty goal for someone of my height, body mass and age. Any one of those three things can be overcome pretty easily. Combining all three of them adds to the challenge.

Earlier this year I applied for and received my MotoAmerica Racing license. When I applied for it, it was a “get this out of the way” type of thing. I did not expect to be approved my first time nor did I expect to be able to race this year.

The license got approved, and then I looked at the schedule.

There are two events that are on the west coast (ish): Utah Motorsports (formerly Miller) and Laguna Seca. Utah is/was scheduled for the same weekend as AFM, so that was out. However, Laguna Seca is scheduled on a weekend without a conflict.

I am now signed up to race at Laguna Seca in July of 2016. I will be competing in the 600 SuperStock class, and the competition is incredibly stiff.