Saturday, May 9, 2015

Racer Gloves USA

A few months ago I wrote a negative review on my favorite gloves. After that review I went on the hunt for a new set of gloves to wear. I tried a large number of gloves in various stores as I was traveling for work and hunted for the perfect set.

I discarded a lot of gloves purely from fit. While I don’t have “weird” hands, my size is a bit off. My palms are a little on the narrow side for the length of my fingers. I basically fit a large in the palm and x-large in the fingers. So I tend to use x-large gloves and then deal with blisters across the palms.

After not finding any gloves I liked, I “settled” on a set of Dainese Full Metal gloves. They were the 2014 model and were being discontinued and therefore came at a good price. I have had a few sets of Dainese over the years and while not amazing, they were pretty good.

Fast forward to 2015 AFM Round 1 at Buttonwillow. Gloves had already been broken in on the street and track prior to the round. However by Saturday afternoon I had developed wear spots on both of my pinkies just below the knuckle in the middle of the finger. Both pinkies were red and tender.

By Saturday night those spots were bleeding.

By Sunday night it was very painful to put the gloves on or remove them.

The hunt continued.

Racer Gloves USA

While browsing the internet, again, for gloves; I came across Racer Gloves USA again. I looked over the gloves again and having now seen them a few times at the track I was more interested in them.

I love kangaroo palms on my gloves. The ability to feel what the bike is doing throuh my fingers is amazing compared to cow. When on the brakes, or releasing the clutch, this additional feel really makes a difference in confidence.

When I read the Racer Gloves use kangaroo on the palms I got very interested.

I ordered a set and tested them on a few track days.

Like many high quality gloves, they “broke in” immediately. There was no binding around the fingers, no pressure in the wrist, etc. By the end of the first day they were sitting on my hands like they should and I would “forget” I was wearing gloves while on the track.  Requirements for good gloves.  If I am "thinking" about my gloves, I am not thinking about racing.

I did (and do) develop small blisters across my palms. That is just a fact of life I have accepted as the size of my palms causes that issue. The solution to that is to get custom gloves which I am not interested in. The companies that do custom gloves do not impress me.

Chuckwalla 2014/15 Round 7

I had the misfortune at Chuckwalla earlier this year to test these gloves in the worst of circumstances.

Fast forward to about 5 minutes in to see the incident. 60+ MPH crash with some nice dragging across the ground.

The interesting part of this incident is that I was unconscious before I hit the ground. Therefore I didn’t have control over my hands when I hit the ground. This little fact became quite important when reviewing the gloves after the crash.

Because of the way that I landed and the fact that I was unconscious I ended up wearing through the palm of the right glove rather than hitting the sliders which is “normal”. Had I been conscious I would have instinctively turned my hand and hit the sliders. That is why they are there.

The left hand faired far better. I landed knuckles down and dragged that hand across the pavement for a bit. While I ground the knuckles down a bit, broke one of the straps, the hand suffered absolutely no damage at all.

The damage to my right hand was minimal. I got a penny sized spot of road rash right over the Metacarpophalangeal joint of my right thumb. A spot that did not cause discomfort nor did it impede my hand at all.


I am continuing to wear Racer Gloves.

I have returned the destroyed gloves to Racer Gloves USA so that they can show how well they hold up even in an unusual situation.

The gloves are light (very important), comfortable and provide amazing feel. I have tried a number of other gloves but none are as light as these.

I have tested other gloves in crashes and I have worn out other gloves far too quickly.

Will these make it a season? I will let you know next year.

For this year, I am trusting my hands to Racer Gloves.

I am now quite happy to announce that Racer Gloves USA has agreed to sponsor me through the rest of the 2015 season.  If you want to take a look at their offering, feel free to stop by my pit some time.

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