Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Sponsor: Bazzaz

Over the last few years I have had reason to work with a few different after market "piggy back" systems for my motorcycles on the race track.  Without being negative, I ran into a number of issues.

Therefore, I can speak from experience when I say that I had the best experience with Bazzaz.  I am running their full system on both my ZX-10R and my R4.  This includes traction control, fuel mapping and quick shifter.

I currently do not have the traction control enabled on my ZX-10R.  The ZX-10R has an excellent system built in and I am comfortable with it.  It is part of my todo list for this year to experiment with some changes to the traction control settings on that bike.

Having said that, I will absolutely be using it on my R4.  In 2008, Yamaha did not install a traction control system on the R6 which is what my R4 is based on.  Therefore the Bazzaz traction control is going to be a welcome addition to that bike.

Also new for me for 2015 is the Air Fuel module on my R4.  With my ZX-10R, I had EDR performance tune the bike for me.  Eric knows his craft like few others and he produced an excellent bike.  However, with the R4, I am more hands on.  I will be tuning the R4 myself and learning even more about how she runs through the experience.  I will be using the Air Fuel module to monitor her mixture at each race track, each race weekend, and dialing her in each time.  Since the difference of 1 horsepower can make a difference at the 450 level of competition I am looking for every opportunity to make sure she is running and her maximum potential.

With Bazzaz I expect to achieve that potential.

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