Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Knox Handroid Gloves Review

I will freely admit that I purchased these gloves on look alone.  They are a very cool looking glove.

The kangaroo palm attracted me as well as the look.  Kangaroo is thinner and stronger than cow and making the palm out of Kangaroo promises greater tactile feel of the controls of the motorcycle.

When I received the gloves I enjoyed how they fit.  They immediately fit true to my hand without any tightness nor bagginess around my palm.  The fact that they held on via the forearm as opposed to the wrist was another big plus.

The forearm straps for this glove are fantastic.  A simple ratchet virtually guarantees that the glove is not going to come off … ever.  I was happy to not need to use the wrist strap to secure the glove.  Wrist straps risk blocking blood flow to the hand and making your hand go numb.  I tend to cut them off my gloves or at least leave them at their loosest setting.

My first set of gloves popped a seam shortly after I received them.  Not a major issue, product failures happen.  I contacted the distributor and got them replaced.

The second set worked like a dream … for a while.

Fast forward a year.  One year of road racing, thankfully no crashes in the gloves, just a fair amount of use.

Towards the end of the year I discovered that I had worn through two of the fingers on the gloves.  At first I thought I had ripped another seam.  However I discovered it wasn’t a seam, it was the leather itself on the side of the fingers.

I would expect this to happen after 3-5 years of use or after a crash or two.  However this was one year of use without any crashes.  Plus the finger spots that wore through were not even in high wear areas.  This is not the first finger or even the pad of the finger.

I contacted the distributor who went back to Knox with the pictures I provided.

Their response:  Normal wear and tear :/

Will I buy these gloves again?  No.  A race glove that wears out in a single season is unacceptable.

Had I crashed in these gloves would they have held up?  I don’t know but I don’t want to find out. Road rash sucks.

I expect a set of race gloves to last one crash.  Barring a crash they should be lasting several years.  This does not fill me with confidence.  If I don't have confidence in a piece of equipment then it goes into the bin.

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