Friday, December 12, 2014

New Sponsor: Woodcraft

I have been using Woodcraft products literally since my first day on a track with my own bike.

When I started converting my 2011 ZX-10R to a track bike I wanted to protect her as much as possible from my lack of knowledge and skill.  I researched like crazy and discovered that I should have two things changed on the bike before going to the track:

* Clip-ons.
* Rear set

And I should also add two things:

* Frame sliders
* Case covers

In my research one name came up over and over again; Woodcraft.  Everyone's opinion was simple, buy their products.  They are built by racers for racers.  At the time I figured if their stuff was good enough for racers it had to be good enough for me.

Years later, I am still using those original parts I bought.  Even though I have crashed since then, every single part I bought is still usable.

One other thing that I bought through Woodcraft; my race plastics.  Woodcraft is the US distributor for Armour Bodies fairings.  These things have been amazing.  They have held up through crashes, simple drops, rubbing around in the trailer, etc.  I have now purchased Armour Bodies for every bike I have put on the track, they are that good.  Solid construction, flexible and they fit very nicely.

I am extremely pleased to announce that they have accepted me into their racer program for 2015.  I have already made my first purchase under the sponsorship and I have to say, the experience was amazing.  They really treat their riders well.  The experience was far better than I have come accustomed to in this field as a privateer racer.  It wasn't just a matter of "hey you are giving them money, of course they are nice".  Spend time in the racing field and you will find a lot of vendors don't subscribe to that opinion.  Woodcraft went above and beyond to SAVE me money as part of the conversation.

I am looking forward to a very busy and exciting season in 2015.  I am extremely pleased that Woodcraft is along with me for the journey.

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