Monday, December 1, 2014

New Sponsor: Amsoil

I am extremely pleased to announce a new sponsor for 2015; Amsoil.

Amsoil has been making lubricants for over 40 years and I am proud to have them as a sponsor for my 2015 race season.

When I first started attending track days I had no idea the stresses that are put on a motorcycle engine on the race track. I always considered oil changes to be one of those "when you get to it" types of maintenance activities. Fortunately I have learned a lot since then.

Now that I am racing it has stepped up even from track days. When I was just doing track days I would count the days since the last oil change and every 8-9 track days I would change the oil and change the filter every other oil change.

Now that I am racing and putting even more stress on the engine I am no longer counting days, I count hours. How many hours the engine has been running and based on that number, deciding when to change the oil and the filter.

In addition to the frequency of oil changes, the type of oil you choose can have a huge impact on the performance of the engine. Since a motorcycle uses the same oil for the transmission and the engine itself, the oil impacts how well the transmission works. Some engines work better with some oils. My former race bike, a 2005 GSXR 600, ran great on Rock Oil. However it did not like pure synthetics very much. It would get harder to shift, pop into false neutrals, etc.

My current race bike (2011 ZX-10R) on the other hand does not like Rock Oil or Motul very much. Again, this would present as rough shifts and false neutrals. So choosing an oil is not just about which is cheapest, which will last longest, etc. It is about choosing an oil that works well with you and your motorcycle.

I will be reporting back here as the season progresses to let everyone know how both of my race bikes like the Amsoil oils. I have used them before (prior to racing) and expect no issues.

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