Thursday, July 24, 2014

AFM 2014 Round 4 Race Report

This was an interesting round for me. This was my third round without my 450. At this point, I am not in a position to threaten the points leaders even if I got the bike back and took first in the final three rounds. Therefore, I decided to dedicate my track and racing time to my ZX–10R.

Originally, I kept this bike as a track bike. Something to learn the “feeling” of speed so that I could translate that feeling and perception to my 450 when I raced. When I was unable to ride my 450 at Round 3 I elected to run the ZX–10R. Better to race something than nothing I told myself. I had a blast.

Now at Round 4 and my 450 ride still not available, I looked towards my ZX–10R and asked myself. Why didn’t I go faster? I was actually slower on my 190 horsepower machine than I was on my 70 horsepower machine!